Tomahawke Indicators

For MT4, TradeStation & NinjaTrader

Hawkeye Tomahawke is a suite of indicators designed especially for Forex traders, based on our famous Hawkeye trend indicators. Working over multiple-timeframes, they are color coded so we can quickly and easily identify the currency pair we are going to trade.


Below are some of the unique indicators we use – that we’ll show you how to use effectively and profitably in our monthly training room.

Tomahawke Scanner

The Scanner is a simple, color coded overview of the market.  Each color represents a different currency.  When the boxes fill with a particular color you know it’s time to look at that currency and cosider a trade.

Tomahawke Fatman

This color coded indicator shows the relative strength of each currency and will show you when a currency is overbought and oversold.  A perfected setup for an entry.

Tomahawke Trend+Stops

Clear, color coded trend direction for each forex pair.  Trend+Stops will tell you if the market is in uptrend or downtrend, and when a trend has momentum and when it is in consolidation.

Tomahawke Volume

Volume is the missing key for most traders.  If you want to know where traders are getting in and out of the market then the volume will tell you. The indicator shows if the currency demand is for buying, selling or when there is bias.

Tomahawke Pivots

If you want to know where the turns in the market are the pivots will tell you. The pivots are painted when specific price patterns are found in the charts and indicate a turn in the price.